Corporate Profile

Barco Canada Development is one of the rising development companies in British Columbia, Canada. Our real estate portfolio is ranging from concrete high-rises to wood-frame condominiums, university laboratories and single family housings.

Every Barco built home is the product of a team of highly qualified professionals that is exceedingly capable of creating quality homes without compromising the needs of the future as we embrace sustainability as a fundamental tenet of all our developments.
We view each project as an opportunity to create a community
that suitably caters to its residents’ needs and senses. 

Our commitment for the highest level of excellence is evident in every project that we do - from selecting the very best locations
to the last touch of interior finishing that suits the fine taste of our customers.

Moreover, we are distinctive in using an exceptionally high technology engineering science for each project. As a result, customers appreciate our indisputable professionalism,
commitment and reputation in our work.

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